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nocturnaproject's Journal

The Nocturna Project
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Working towards the creation of Nocturna, a city for us nightowls and freaks.
Do you like to burn the midnight oil? Is your body just wired for a nocturnal pattern? Tired of this society blatantly discriminating against nocturnal people? Then you've come to the right place, my friend!


You see, lillakat and fayanora got the idea for the city of Nocturna from talking about how this society actively discriminates against nocturnal people. From cafes and other businesses closing at early hours to banks with their "banker's hours", some of us have a mighty hard time finding nocturnal-friendly businesses. The whole society seems to think that human beings are meant to be diurnal, and so there is very little recognition of the fact that some people are just not wired that way.

We started The Nocturna Project with the following goals:

1. Increase awareness of Nocturnal issues.

2. Raise funds towards eventually starting a city of Nocturna, which would be made to welcome people of all sleep cycles, but especially nocturnals.

3. Petition businesses in existing cities and towns to be more nocturnal-friendly.

If that sounds like a cause you can get behind, then please feel free to join us. There is no donation asked or required to join. Right now we're just in the formative stages, raising awareness and figuring out how to organize things for the future. We welcome any ideas you have, and in the mean time come here to hang out with fellow nocturnals and discuss whatever comes to mind.


1. Play nice. No fighting or one of the mods will spank you. No flaming, no behavior guaranteed to piss people off, all that jazz. And if a debate starts to degrade into flaming, we will ask you to take it outside.

2. Any pictures that are big or are not safe for work go UNDER A CUT. If you need to know how to make a cut, it is like this: <lj-cut text="Your text goes here">The picture and/or other stuff goes here</lj-cut>

3. We generally have a five-strikes-and-you're-out rule, though you can earn back chances by being good for three months. Three months of good behavior = 1 chance won back. However, this also goes on a case-by-case basis either way. If we think you're abusing your privaleges or if what you've done requires immediate expulsion or a jump to a higher strike number, we will. Likewise, if you get lots of strikes and it becomes clear that you were just being ignorant or dense or what have you, we may be more lenient.

4. Bannings will be made public knowledge. Members who have been banned by fayanora can earn their way back in with an emailed "begging for mercy" AND the support of three or more members of the community; this is not a guarantee of being let back in, but this will alert us to reevaluate the case. Members banned by another mod can appeal to fayanora to review their case. Be aware that you may not get an immediate response from Fayanora... please be patient, it may take up to two days (usually doesn't take that long though).

5. We do not condone any language that incites violence against any group of people for any reason. We also do not tolerate racism. If you are a racist, please keep your thoughts in that regard to yourself. Your comments, if racist, do not need to be against LJ's terms of service for us to delete them. And depending on the individual case, of course, espousing racist comments could potentially get you immediately banned. Same with language that incites violence.

6. Please at least appear to have made an attempt at spelling or grammar checks in your main posts. In the comments, we don't care, but in the main posts it's very annoying.

7. Rules may change without advance warning, but we will let people know when they've changed and take this sudden change into account when dealing with problems.

8. Be aware you need a registered birthday on your profile that makes you at least 14, to join this community, as it may have adult concepts on it.

9. Have fun! (Breaking this rule will not result in disciplinary actions.:-)

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